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Subject Zero

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Check out the Official trailer for Subject Zero.

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Win!Win! Updates

The winners of the first annual Win!Win! contest.

Skull Punch Fightwear

Skull Punch Fightwear

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Capitol City Film Festival

Glass Cage Productions intends to enter the Capitol City Film Festival's Fortnight Film Contest.
Starting March 20th, we will have 14 days to conceive, script, cast, shoot, and edit a film of ten minutes or less. If you'd like to be part of this adrenaline rush of filmmaking, please contact Glass Cage Productions.
Contact us at 616-730-CAGE (2243) or send a reply to this email if interested. Thanks and hope to work with you soon.

This project will be on a volunteer basis.
We don't have the resources to be able to provide any pay or reimbursement for your travels.
We are looking to have some fun and build a great team to work with us and enjoy the filming process under a very welcoming deadline.
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